LED Industry Pattern



LED lighting is the fourth or fifth generation of lighting products. Until now, no LED replacement technology has really emerged. In addition, LED lighting products still have huge room for technological improvement. From the source chip to the downstream lighting application, the future products will be more power-efficient, have a longer life, will be easier to control, smarter, and more personalized. Therefore, the LED lighting industry still has a long way to go and the prospects will become brighter and brighter. In the future, the industry should be polarized, products with characteristics (good shape, high performance-price ratio, and smart functions, etc.), channels with advantages, and companies with technical service characteristics will become better and better. With the development of the city, the improvement of the overall grade of the city, the continuous growth of high-rise buildings, the increasing demand for lighting products, and the increasing demand for lighting products, the future lighting industry is still worth looking forward to, will be more and more OK, bright lighting will get better and better.

Affected by the overall economic environment, the LED industry slowed down in 2015, the global lighting market was surging, industry competition intensified, and industry polarization was evident in the industry, large companies through mergers and acquisitions, cooperation has become stronger, and small companies survive further Squeezed and even gradually withdrawn from the market. In such a market environment, truly powerful companies in the LED lighting industry will survive. Big companies will grow stronger and stronger, while companies with low technological content and low value-added products will struggle.

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