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Lighting technology has always been closely related to the quality of human life. Since Edison invented the light bulb in 1979, lighting technology has made a qualitative leap.

Nowadays, what we pursue is no longer simple lighting. On the basis of simple lighting, the times have put forward higher requirements for lighting technology and human physical and mental health.

"Light health" refers to a more scientific way of lighting. In the past, people paid more attention to the functionality and decoration of lighting, but with the deepening of people's understanding of lighting and the development of lighting technology, people now have requirements for lighting in addition to the two requirements mentioned above, but also for lighting. Higher requirements have been put forward, and healthy lighting has become a common pursuit of people.

The "Blue Book on the Development of the LED Industry in 2021" issued by the LED Research Institute (GGII) pointed out that the current domestic LED lighting focus has gradually shifted to lighting segments such as healthy lighting, smart lighting, UV LED, and plant lighting. Healthy lighting and smart lighting have become the main development direction of the lighting industry, in which health is the essence and wisdom is the means.


Lighting technology

Health lighting has a wide range of applications, from disinfection and sterilization, UV LEDs are used in daily sterilization of objects and air, and the treatment of some diseases in the medical and health field, such as smart LED contact lenses for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, dual-wavelength LEDs to stimulate hair and skin regeneration, etc. Education lighting In China, the incidence of myopia in teenagers is reduced by improving the lighting in the classroom; in human-induced lighting, the quality of sleep is improved by improving the indoor lighting environment and so on. It can be seen that lighting technology will have an increasingly important impact on human health.

The transformation and upgrading of the lighting industry to light health is an inevitable trend. According to the "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline, the market size of the domestic health industry is as high as 16 trillion yuan. As a part of the domestic health industry, light health not only involves medical health, but also semiconductor lighting. It belongs to a cross-border integration innovation industry with a market size of more than one trillion yuan and a promising future.

The curtain of the new era has opened, and the lighting industry has embarked on a new journey of quality improvement, immersive experience, intelligent and healthy integration and cross-ecological development. GILE has also been working hard to innovate the exhibition to match the rapidly developing lighting industry. The 2022 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will be planned with nine themes.

As an exhibition in the lighting industry, GILE organizes several large-scale concurrent events each time, gathering traditional lighting industry, interconnected lighting technology and new supply chain, cross-industry applications, trade buyers, etc. to communicate and negotiate together. The lighting industry is facing a new cycle, a new situation and a new pattern; lighting companies are in a period of seeking breakthroughs, actively strengthening their own strength, seeking transformation and upgrading, and breaking the old and establishing the new. The 2022 exhibition and concurrent activities will focus on "industry power" to demonstrate the vitality of the lighting industry in the new era. Among them, during the same period, a number of industry associations and institutions will be combined to plan five major themes.

Cross-border cooperation and ecosystem business model have become a new engine for the upgrading of the lighting industry. Under the theme of "Crossover Power", the Smart Health Crossover Ecological Exchange Conference will be planned to extend new business opportunities in the industry through mutual cooperation in different fields. In addition, GILE will join hands with Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Industry Association to build a nearly 900-square-meter "Biological Lighting Demonstration Area". The Living Lighting Demonstration Pavilion takes "Lighting Life" as its theme and explores future life with light.

From August 3rd to August 6th, 2022, the Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Complex will make an appointment with you!

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