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LED String Lights

LED String Lights

Whether you use them for permanent accent lighting or to brighten up an area for a special occasion, LED string lights are a reliable, efficient, and bright choice for use at your home, party, or even business. LED technology takes traditional string lights to another level, making them ideal for either indoor or outdoor use.

LED Lights

Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are a solid state bulb technology that does not require a vacuum bulb like incandescent or fluorescent lights do.

Using LED stair lights, string lights or other forms of LED lighting offer several significant advantages over traditional options:

§ LEDs are not as fragile as other lights because they do not use a thin vacuum bulb

§ LEDs use less wattage for the amount of light produced compared to incandescent bulbs

§ LED bulbs are compact by nature, so an LED can produce as much light as other bulbs in a smaller package

These characteristics make LEDs ideal for use in things like light strings and LED rope lights, which benefit from small bulbs and are often used or stored in ways and places that make them vulnerable to impacts.

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