Something About Track Light Accessories


The type of track lighting you choose depends on the location and what you want to emphasize. Track light has two main parts: track rail and track head. The track head coincides with the rail. Rotate the track light to different areas of the room to provide environmental lighting for the corridor and entrance area, highlight lighting for collectibles, or provide task lighting for the worktop or kitchen countertop.  


1. Track Light Bar

There are two standard styles of track light bars: Halo or H and Juno or J. Each style has many types of heads, but they cannot be interchanged between systems. Track lights are 2 feet, 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet long. You can add or cut sections as needed. For example, a 2-foot and 8-foot section can be made into a 10 foot track, or a 6-foot bar can be trimmed into a 5-foot section. Track lighting connectors and components make it easy to adjust and customize your lighting.

Track Light 

2. Track Light Connectors

Here are some introductions of the track light conncetors.

1. L Connector

LED Track Light 

2. I Connector

Track Light Accessories 

3. T Connector

Track Light 


4. X Connector

LED Track Light 

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Track Light Accessories 

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